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July 7, 2021

#2486: Board Game Party Schedule

Board Game Party Schedule

[Caption above:]

Board Game Party Schedule

[A timeline is shown, from about 6PM at the top to about 11PM at the bottom. Events are displayed as white rectangles, labeled as follows:]

before 6PM: people filter in

6:00–6:25: small talk

6:25–6:55: debate which game to play

6:55: remember that you need to order food

6:55–7:15: debate where to order from

7:15: pick a place, order

7:15–7:40: pick a game and start setting up

7:40–8:20: explain rules to new people

8:20: food arrives

8:20–9:00: eat food

9:00–9:27: resume setting up

9:27–9:52: more explanation

9:52–10:13: restless faction tries to start simpler game

10:13–10:38: general debate

10:38–10:57: “It will make sense once you play”

10:57–11:10: finish setting up

after 11:10 PM: people head home