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July 26, 2021

#2494: Flawed Data

Flawed Data

[Cueball is pointing a stick at a poster hanging behind him while addressing an unseen audience. There are two graphs on the poster with data points and fitting curves.]

Cueball: We realized all our data is flawed.

[The three next panels all have a label in a frame going over the top of each panels frame. The poster can no longer be seen in the rest of the panels. Cueball has taken the stick down.]

Label: Good

Cueball: …So we’re not sure about our conclusions.

[Cueball holds the pointer almost as in the first panel.]

Label: Bad

Cueball: …So we did lots of math and then decided our data is actually fine.

[Cueball holds the pointer so it point upwards. Also he lifts his other hand a bit up.]

Label: Very bad

Cueball: …So we trained an AI to generate better data.