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July 2, 2021

#2484: H-alpha


[In a slim panel Black Hat is seen holding a small black device up in his left hand.]

Black Hat: I got an H-Alpha filter for looking at the sun.

[In a broad frame-less panel Black Hat, holding the device down in his left hand while standing behind Cueball who is sitting in an armchair reading on his tablet.]

Black Hat: It also works for nebulae. But that’s about it. There just aren’t that many hot blobs of hydrogen to look at, I guess.

[Back to a slim panel, Black Hat is seen holding his left hand to his chin, while he holds the device down in his right hand.]

Black Hat: …Unless…

[Another two slim panels follows. In the first Black Hat turns around and leaves, his head already partly outside the panel already, and he no longer holds the device in his hands. And then follows an empty beat panel.]

[In a broad panel Black Hat re-enters with the device held down in his hand. He is walking towards Cueball in his armchair. His black hat is somewhat out of shape. Cueball is still reading but is now hunched further forward and he has lifted his tablet so it is very close to his face.]

Black Hat: Huh, did you know blimps all use helium now? You learn something new every day! By the way, we’re out of fireworks.

Black Hat: And some advertising company is real mad.