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July 19, 2021

#2491: Immune Factory

Immune Factory

[Cueball walks in from the left, hand held up in front of him, to where Hairy is sitting in an armchair facing away, sick from a second vaccination. Hairy is wrapped in a blanket and holding a steaming mug, and his hair is messy.]

Cueball: I guess the first shot made your body build defenses, and now it’s ramping up production.

Hairy: So I’ve become an antibody factory.

[Cueball has walked around the chair and is now facing Hairy, whose mug continues to steam just as much.]

Hairy: I don’t feel great. I think my factory has some OSHA violations.

Hairy: My lymphatic system is protesting brutal working conditions.

[In a frame-less panel, Cueball continues to stand in front of Hairy, whose mug is steaming less.]

Hairy: Update: my immune cells have unionized.

Cueball: Common side effect. Helps maintain a healthy balance.

[Cueball has raised a finger into the air, while Hairy is pointing in Cueball’s direction. Hairy’s mug is no longer steaming.]

Cueball: Immune system unions are actually why we stopped doing variolation.

Hairy: Oh? Why?

Cueball: They don’t like scabs.

Hairy: Ugh. Leave.