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June 9, 2021

#2474: First Time Since Early 2020

First Time Since Early 2020


“This is actually the first time I’ve _____ since early 2020.”

[Below is a long vertical arrow with the words “normal” and “alarming” at the top and the bottom of the arrow respectively. To the right side of the arrow is a list of text, with each item starting with a triangle.]

◀ been to a birthday party

◀ eaten at a restaurant

◀ seen my family

◀ been on a plane

◀ gone to a movie

◀ gone to a store

◀ installed software updates

◀ eaten a vegetable

◀ opened the fridge

◀ paid taxes

◀ washed my hands

◀ seen another person

◀ seen a ghost

◀ served as a decoy

◀ sighted land

◀ checked the news

◀ checked on the customers in the escape room

◀ contracted a novel bat virus