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June 7, 2021

#2473: Product Launch

Product Launch

[Hairy and Ponytail are standing to the left of a wrapped object. Cueball is standing on the right.]

Hairy: The press is here for the product launch!

Hairy: Remember, people are wary of smart devices, so we want to strike a non-threatening tone.

[Pan over to just Cueball; Hairy and Ponytail are off of the left side of the panel.]

Cueball: Hang on, did you say non-threatening?

Hairy: Yes. Why-

Cueball: Nothing. It’s probably fine.

[Caption: Soon…]

[Cueball is standing on a platform next to the previously seen wrapped object.]

Cueball: They say technology can change the world, for good or for evil. Our new product will show how true that is.

Cueball: We hear the plaintive cries of our customers. We want to give them what they deserve.

[Zoom in on Cueball, who has his hand up in a gesture.]

Cueball: Now, let us expose our product to the atmosphere for the first time, surprising and delighting customers within a five-block radius.

(Voice off-panel): I’m leaving.

Cueball: No, don’t worry! A staggering number of people will survive!