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June 4, 2021

#2472: Fuzzy Blob

Fuzzy Blob

[Cueball takes picture of his house from a distance great enough to get the whole house in the picture. He holds the camera (or smartphone) in both hands. The shutter makes a sound:]


[The picture he has taken is shown below. The picture is lying tilted compared to the panel, and shows the house but with a fuzzy light brown blob covering the left part of the picture, just touching the left side of the house. Above and partly over the picture is a small frame with Cueball’s response when he sees the picture:]

What the…

[White Hat gestures towards Cueball with one hand, while Cueball holds his camera in one hand towards White Hat, with the picture shown on the screen, too small to see though.]

White Hat: What’s that fuzzy blob next to your house? It’s huge!

Cueball: I don’t know! I looked up and it was gone!

White Hat: How can a giant structure vanish?

Cueball and White Hat: …Cloaking device?!!

[Blondie is standing at the front of the panel with a microphone in her hand speaking towards the viewer. Behind her is a close up of the Blob (in black and white) on a screen. To the left of the screen is an almost bald man with hair behind his ears, holding a hand to his chin. To the right is Megan, who is holding one hand out palm up, towards the picture, which they are both looking at.]

Blondie: The fuzzy blob, dubbed “flob” by internet sleuths, has city planners stumped.

Man: No, that’s not any type of building I’m familiar with.

Megan: Could be an experimental military dome.

[Hairbun is standing on a podium behind a lectern with a microphone on it. She addresses three people in front of the stage, Cueball, Megan and White Hat. Behind them Blondie is turned the other way speaking to a camera, on a tripod. She has a microphone in her hand.]

Hairbun: The zoning board investigation has found no evidence of a cloaked dome structure.

Hairbun: The historical commission will be joining the research into these domes and other unusual buildings, such as the historic 4th Ave Church…

Blondie: This only raises more questions.