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June 25, 2021

#2481: 1991 and 2021

1991 and 2021

[Cueball (with an aura) is talking to White Hat.]

White Hat: Welcome to 1991!

White Hat: So you’re from 2021? What happens with technology over the next 30 years?

[Same scene, except Cueball has his palm out.]

Cueball: We passed a federal law to combat laser attacks on airliners, and there are TV shows where robots battle.

Cueball: Also, cordless phones are longer range now, and it’s really easy to send news stories to your friends.

White Hat: Wow, okay.

[Same scene.]

Cueball: Now, try to guess which of those things turn out to be important.

White Hat: …is it not the lasers?

Cueball: It is not the lasers.