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June 18, 2021

#2478: Alien Visitors 2

Alien Visitors 2

[A flying saucer is flying high above Ponytail who is walking towards White Hat, Cueball and Megan. Those three are looking up at the spacecraft. The humans are drawn very small standing on the ground beneath it. The aliens inside speak to them from inside their saucer, indicated with zigzag lines between it and the text.]

Aliens: Greetings, humans. We have returned.

Aliens: Since you already have pyramids, we’ve brought you more advanced wonders.

[Pan up to only showing the flying saucer which has two beams below it, the left showing an outline of a biplane and the right is showing an outline of a blimp. The humans reply off-panel. Given their positions before, the first is probably Ponytail, but it cannot be determined.]

Aliens: These machines will let you conquer the sky!

Voice 1 (off-panel): A biplane?

Voice 1 (off-panel): Aren’t monoplanes more efficient?

Voice 2 (off-panel): Does that blimp use hydrogen?

[Zoom in on the four humans looking up, the Aliens reply from above the panel. There is a chemical formula in an outline from the alien flying saucer, shown in a similar manner to the other items.]

Chemical formula: (CH3 CH2)4 Pb

Aliens (off-panel): Add this elixir of lead to your gasoline and your engines will run smooth.

White Hat: Lead? Isn’t that stuff toxic?

Aliens: Is it?

Aliens: Oh no.

[Zoom back out, as in first panel but the flying saucer and the humans are shown in silhouette. A beam from the saucer is showing an outline of a juice machine.]

Aliens: Okay, uh.

Aliens: This device’s electric press can squeeze fresh fruit juice from bags of pulp!

Ponytail: …Just curious, did you build that saucer?

Cueball: Maybe we shouldn’t stand right under it.