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June 16, 2021

#2477: Alien Visitors

Alien Visitors

[A flying saucer is hovering high above Cueball and Megan, drawn very small standing on the ground beneath it. The aliens inside speak to them from inside their saucer, indicated with zigzag lines between it and the text.]

Aliens: Greetings, humans!

Megan: Whoa, aliens!

Aliens: We bring you technological wonders!

[Zoom in on the flying saucer which has two beams below it, the left showing an outline of a pyramid and the right is shown lifting a large stone. Cueball replies off-panel.]

Aliens: We will help you lift great stones and build towering monuments.

Cueball (off-panel): Oh, pyramids?

[Zoom in on Cueball and Megan looking up, the Aliens reply from above the panel.]

Aliens (off-panel): …Yes.

Cueball: Yeah, we have those. In Egypt.

Megan: And Mexico.

Cueball: I think they used ramps?

[Zoom back out, as in first panel]

Aliens: Then we shall build a ring of stones aligned with the stars, so at the solstice-

Megan: Oh, like Stonehenge?

Aliens: Dammit, humans.