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May 7, 2021

#2460: Vaccinated


[Cueball is holding his phone up, looking at the bright screen (indicated with lines emanating from the screen). Megan stands next to him looking down at his phone.]

Cueball: It’s official: We’re fully vaccinated.

Megan: It doesn’t feel real.

[Cueball has put his phone away, and they are looking at each other.]

Cueball: I can’t wait to hang out with friends again.

Megan: Seriously.

[In a frame-less panel they are just standing next to each other, but looking away from each other.]

[They look back at each other and continue the conversation.]

Cueball: So, uh…how do we…

Megan: I was hoping you knew.

Cueball: I’m realizing now, I was hazy on this before the pandemic.