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May 14, 2021

#2463: Astrophotography


[Cueball and Megan stand on a hill with the dark yellow sun setting behind them. Outside the Sun’s disc everything is black. All that can be seen is silhouettes against the sun. Cueball is at the top-left of the hill, holding a bow in his left arm, which has been recently shot, as indicated with lines along the string. The the arrow is to right, where it has speared a ball. Megan is at the bottom-right of the hill, juggling four other balls, one near her hand, two above her and one higher up than the path of the arrow. There are two planes going in opposite directions with banners on them with words readable against the Sun. Above the planes is the shadow of the International Space Station. Finally Sun is partially eclipsed by the moon in the upper right corner.]

[Caption beneath the panel]:

Our astrophotography community’s one-upsmanship[sic] is getting out of hand.