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April 28, 2021

#2456: Types of Scientific Paper

Types of Scientific Paper


Types of Scientific Paper

[An array of 4 rows with 3 scientific papers each, is shown. We see the first page of each paper, but only its title is legible. Headings are shown as black lines, paragraphs of text are shown as several squiggly lines and figures are shown as empty white rectangles. Titles are as follows:]

We put a camera somewhere new

Hey, I found a trove of old records! They don’t turn out to be particularly useful, but still, cool!

My colleague is wrong and I can finally prove it

The immune system is at it again

We figured out how to make this exotic material, so email us if you need some

What are fish even doing down there

This task I had to do anyway turned out to be hard enough for its own paper

Hey, at least we showed that this method can produce results! That’s not nothing, right?

Check out this weird thing one of us saw while out for a walk

We are 500 scientists and here’s what we’ve been up to for the last 10 years

Some thoughts on how everyone else is bad at research

We scanned some undergraduates