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April 26, 2021

#2455: Virus Consulting

Virus Consulting

[Ponytail stands in front a chart, with a labeled graph with an upward-curving line at the top, and several box-and-whisker plots below, with unreadable text and labels. She is holding a pointer towards the plot while addressing a panel in front of her to the left. The panel is seated behind a desk and is composed of Hairbun, Cueball and Megan. Cueball has one arm on the desk.]

Ponytail: Now, I know you’re worried about the variants, but this graph should be encouraging.

Ponytail: Your rollout is going well. The vaccines are good. They work.

Label on graph: Vaccinations

[Same setting in a narrower panel without the chart. Ponytail has the pointer to her side. Cueball has his arms under the desk as the other two.]

Hairbun: You’re just telling us what we want to hear.

Ponytail: If you think that, you should see the reports from my colleagues who work for COVID.

[Close-up of Ponytail in a very narrow panel.]

Off-screen voice: They work for who??

Ponytail: Our firm has lots of clients.

[Black Hat stands in front of an identical chart as in panel one, and points to it with a pointer in the same way as Ponytail did. Only he is looking to the right at his clients. He is speaking to a panel of three large coronaviruses, two of which floats above the desk, the middle one is partly below the desk. Across the top frame of the panel there is a box with a caption:]


Black Hat: Now, I know you’re excited about the variants, but this graph should be terrifying.

Black Hat: We’re in real trouble here.

Label on graph: Vaccinations