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April 19, 2021

#2452: Aviation Firsts

Aviation Firsts

[A chart is shown with nine items. To the right of each item there are two check boxes. Above the top row of check boxes are two underlined labels for the two columns. The first four rows have both boxes checked, and the last five have only the first box checked. The last two items are so long that they take up three and four rows of text. The first seven items are written on one line each.]

                             Earth    Mars
                      Flight  [✓]    [✓]

                     Landing  [✓]    [✓]

          Controlled landing  [✓]    [✓]

   Controlled powered flight  [✓]    [✓]

                        Loop  [✓]    [ ]

              In-flight meal  [✓]    [ ]

  Planetary circumnavigation  [✓]    [ ]

    Enormous wooden aircraft

built by a reclusive billionaire [✓] [ ] that flies exactly once

 Hijacking by someone dubbed
   "D.B. Cooper" who demands  [✓]    [ ]
    money and then jumps out

mid-flight to an unknown fate