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March 1, 2021

#2431: Leap Year 2021

Leap Year 2021

[Cueball checking his phone in a narrow panel.]

Cueball: Can’t believe it’s already March.

Black Hat (off-screen): Nah, it’s February 29th.

[Cueball has put his phone away and is standing next to Black Hat.]

Cueball: It’s not a leap year.

Black Hat: I decided to make it one. Every year deserves to leap.

Cueball: Can you do that?

Black Hat: Can anyone stop me?

[Zoom in on Cueball.]

Cueball: I guess if you just encourage people to call March 1st “February 29th”, they can go along with it if they want. Just a one-day renaming.

Black Hat (off-screen): No, tomorrow will be March 1st.

[Cueball standing to Black Hat, who is walking off screen to the right, with his finger raised.]

Cueball: So you’re causing calendar drift for future generations.

Black Hat: If they didn’t want to experience consequences, they shouldn’t have decided to live in the future.