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February 22, 2021

#2428: Mars Landing Video

Mars Landing Video

[Hairbun is standing, arms spread out, on a podium in front of a lectern. There is a “Crash” on the top right of the panel with several lines around to indicate the position, and an off panel voice coming from there. As indicated in the caption below the voice is from Randall.]

Hairbun: We’re excited to share the first ever full-speed video of a Mars landing.

Sound: Crash

Randall (off-panel): Doesn’t that mean it’s also the worst ever full-speed video of a mars landing?

Randall (off-panel):Do you expect that record to stand forever, or is NASA working on a worse one?

[Caption below the comic]:

NASA tried to ban me from their press briefings, but ironically their security was totally unprepared to deal with a skycrane.