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January 6, 2021

#2408: Egg Strategies

Egg Strategies

[3x3 grid of egg cartons, each containing between 5-8 eggs in an arrangement matching a description of lawful/neutral/chaotic paired with good/neutral/evil. Each egg carton is depicted from a top-down view, with the lid open and the eggs and their places visible.]

Top Left - Lawful Good

[6 eggs centered

3 in the top row, shifted to the right

3 in the bottom row, shifted to the left]

Top Center - Neutral Good

[7 eggs

4 in the left side

3 in the right side, with one in the top row and two in the bottom row]

Top Right - Chaotic Good

[6 eggs spread randomly while preserving reflective symmetry between eggs and non-eggs]

Middle Left - Lawful Neutral

[5 eggs all on the bottom row, starting on the left side]

Middle Center - True Neutral

[7 eggs all to the left side

4 in the top row

3 in the bottom row]

Middle Right - Chaotic Neutral

[6 eggs staggered in every other space so that each egg is diagonal from the two nearest

no two eggs are directly next to each other side-to-side or up-and-down

3 in the top row, starting in the left-most position

3 in the bottom row; starting position second from the left side]

Bottom Left - Lawful Evil

[8 eggs

6 in the egg carton, centered but offset one place to the left; 3 eggs each on the top and bottom

2 eggs are on top of the 6 that are placed in the carton]

Bottom Center - Neutral Evil

[8 eggs

3 on the bottom edge of the lid

2 in the top center positions in the egg carton

3 centered on the edge and on top of/between the eggs on the lid and the eggs in the proper positions]

Bottom Right - Chaotic Evil

[broken eggs in the center of the carton and spilling/splattering over the rest of the carton and onto the lid

6 or 7 yellow-orange yolks are visible

the spilled egg whites are colored light yellow-greenish

several pieces of eggshells, varying in size from approximately one-half to very small chips are mixed in with the yolks and whites]