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January 15, 2021

#2412: 1/100,000th Scale World

1/100,000th Scale World

[At the top of the image, inside the panel, a large title is floating in the air.]


For visitors to my 1/100,000th scale world

1 meter = 100 km, 1 ft=100,000ft≈20 miles

[Each of the following rules is written near a character or point of interest on the map.]

[Dark-colored aurorae are floating in the air.]

Our aurora are probably non-toxic but please stop trying to taste them

[Ponytail is kneeling and breaking off part of an ice cap. In her other hand, she holds a wine glass.]

No breaking off pieces of the ice caps to put in your drink

[At around ankle height, a mountain is shown.]

Do not step on Mount Everest

[A relatively small ocean is shown on the right of Mount Everest.]

Caution! [A pictogram of a person slipping.] Ocean floor slippery when wet

[A cell coverage icon with one cell bar.]

Warning: Limited cell network coverage above the ionosphere. Crouch down to get more bars

[Megan is facing the aurorae. Thin horizontal lines are at her knees.]

Wear sunscreen; the ozone layer only protects you below the knees.

[Cueball is standing with three meteors whizzing both at and away from him.]

Beware of chest-level meteors

[A dotted line is at the Cueball from the last rule’s chest.]

-100°C mesopause vest recommended

[A wine glass is resting on the ground near a shallow depression.]

If Lake Tahoe or the Dead Sea dries up, refill them with this 5oz wine glass

[ Another Cueball is standing, holding both hands up to his face.]

Safety glasses required for protection from reentering spacecraft

Cueball: OW!

(off-panel voice): What?

Cueball: I got a Soyuz in my eye

[A tornado-shaped lightning sprite is hovering over a cloud.]

Do not anger the sprites

[A dotted line weaves belowground.]

Please stop digging through the Moho. Staff are tired of cleaning up large igneous provinces.

[An arrow pointing above the panel top.]

ISS (14 feet up)

Returns every 90 minutes

Hit it with a Nerf dart, win a prize!