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January 13, 2021

#2411: 1/10,000th Scale World

1/10,000th Scale World

[At the top of the image, inside the panel, a large title is floating in the air.]


For visitors to my 1/10,000th scale world

1 meter = 10 km 1 ft = 10,000 ft ~ 2 miles

[Each of the following rules is written near a character or point of interest on the map.]

[Two small dots with thin lines coming out of them horizontally are in the air near Cueball, who is brushing them off.]

Watch out for airliners cruising near shoulder level

[Small mountains are seen near the left edge of the screen, by Cueball’s feet.]

Trip hazard: Appalachian Mountains

[A young Hairy is climbing on mountains reaching approximately Cueball’s waist.]

Do not stand or climb on Mt. Everest

[Under the water, a small bump in the ground expells bubbles.]

Caution: Hydro-thermal vents underfoot

[Science Girl stands shoulder-deep in the ocean, peering down into the trench below.]

Children must be supervised while in the ocean, especially near trenches

[Megan’s hand is extended, and lightning from the cloud is jumping to her hand.]

Danger: positive lightning! Do not touch cloud tops

[Ponytail sits near some mountains, with a dotted line in the air stretching across her forehead.]

Avoid hypoxia by regularly sitting to bring your lungs below the death zone

[A blob-shaped thing with wiggly grey texture lines drawn all over is underground.]

Do not dig near Yellowstone

[A second Cueball is jumping in the air, a hand reached back, in position to smack a weather balloon.]

Please do not smack weather balloons

[Some very tiny vertical lines extend from the ground.]

Be careful not to step on cities with especially pointy towers, like Toronto, Seattle, and Dubai