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January 11, 2021

#2410: Apple Growers

Apple Growers

[Beret Guy and Cueball stand on either side of Megan with her hair unkempt. They stand behind a lectern with an image of an apple on the front of it. Unreadable text is written on both side of the apple in two rows.]

Megan: Ahem

Megan: The state apple-growers’ association has decided to formally call on President Donald Trump to resign.

[A wider shot shows Beret Guy, Megan, and Cueball on a podium behind the lectern. The visible audience consist of a Cueball-like guy, Hairy, and Ponytail, who is holding a microphone to her mouth as she addresses those on the podium.]

Ponytail: Weren’t you meeting to update the standards for new apple varieties?

Megan: Yes, but we talked it over and this is what we decided.

Megan: We feel strongly that this is important.

[There is a narrow shot with a zoom in on Megan.]

Ponytail (off-panel): Did you discuss anything on your actual agenda?

Megan: Thanks for the question!

Megan: We did not.

[Beret Guy, Cueball and Megan is again seen from the front behind the lectern, Megan’s hair even more unkempt.]

Ponytail (off-panel): Do you have any apple-related announcements at all?

Megan: Uh, apples are great. Best fruit. Everyone should buy 1,000 of them.

Megan: We’re a little distracted right now, okay??