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September 18, 2020

#2361: Voting


[Cueball walks in from right, staring at his phone and talking to Megan.]

Cueball: I will crawl across broken glass to vote this year if I have to.

Megan: …Why would there be broken glass?

Megan: There aren’t even any big windows at our polling place.

[Cueball raising a finger triumphantly.]

Cueball: I will wait in line till the sun burns out.

Megan: Ok, some places have lines, which is awful, but it’s usually pretty quick here?

Megan: Definitely not 5 billion years.

[Cueball raising a fist.]

Cueball: I will walk barefoot across hot coals to cast my ballot!

Megan: Where would you even find coals?

Megan: You can wear shoes to vote. This scenario makes no sense.

[Cueball raising a finger, and walking back off-panel to the left]

Cueball: I will swim across a shark-filled channel!

Megan: That’ll take you way outside our precinct.

Cueball: Then I’ll swim back!

Megan: Can you do all this stuff after voting?