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September 16, 2020

#2360: Common Star Types

Common Star Types

[A chart, with ten colored circles representing stars of different colors and sizes. Each circle has a label, with a line going from the label to the circle. Below each label is a small description in smaller font. The text is listed from the top left. Above all the circles is the following heading:]

Common star types

[A small yellow star.]

Yellow dwarf

Warm, stable, slowly-growing

[An even smaller white star.]

White dwarf

Small, hot, dim

[A very large red-orange star squishing the previous two stars into the corners of the chart.]

Red giant

Huge, cool, luminous

[A small red star.]

Red dwarf

Small, cool, ancient, dim

[An olive green, medium-sized star.]

Green elf

Old, diminishes into the west

[A fairly large pale blue star.]

Blue giant

Large, hot, short-lived

[A blue-green, medium-sized star.]

Teal sphynx

Cryptic, eternal

[A small silver-colored star.]

Gray wizard

Wise, powerful, mercurial

[A tiny blue star.]

Indigo banshee

Bright, portentous, extremely loud

[A beige, medium-sized star.]

Beige gorgon

Dangerous to observe at optical wavelengths.