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August 3, 2020

#2341: Scientist Tech Help

Scientist Tech Help

What tech people think scientists need help with:

[Cueball, Ponytail, and Megan are facing a second Cueball and Hairbun. Ponytail is gesturing with her hand out. The second Cueball has his finger raised.]

Ponytail: Please–our data, it’s too complex! Can your magical machine minds unearth the patterns that lie within?

Cueball 2: We shall marshal our finest algorithms!

What scientists actually need:

[The two Cueballs, Ponytail, Megan, and Hairbun are in the same position as before. The second Cueball no longer has his finger raised.]

Ponytail: For a few weeks in June, the lab was infested by wasps, so we had to take pictures of the equipment through the window.

Ponytail: How do you get graphs from a Polaroid photo into Excel?