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August 28, 2020

#2352: Synonym Date

Synonym Date

[Ponytail and Hairy talking.]

Ponytail: So, how is she?

Hairy: Well…she’s a talented writer. Seems very cool.

Ponytail: …but?

Hairy: She’s really into…synonyms.

Ponytail: I don’t understand.

Hairy: Her hobby is finding the most unsettling possible words for any sentence.

Ponytail: Word games? That doesn’t sound too bad.

Hairy: Well…

[Caption above reads “Earlier…”]

[Megan is wearing a dress and talking to Hairy, who is dripping wet.]

Megan: Ugh, it’s so watery out.

Megan: You must be clammy! Want to guzzle some tea?

[Hairy is now less wet and holding a cup of warm tea.]

Megan: Let me slough off this dress,

Megan: and slither into something more comfortable.