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August 24, 2020

#2350: Deer Turrets

Deer Turrets

[Black Hat is at a podium, addressing a crowd]

Black Hat: Was it a mistake to build turrets that can track nearby wireless devices and fire powerful lasers in their general direction?

Black Hat: Sure. I realize that now.

[Face-front view of Black Hat]

Black Hat: Was it a mistake to mount those turrets on neighborhood deer, release them, then lose interest in the project and move on?

Black Hat: Yes. Hindsight is 20/20.

[Close-up, Black Hat holds up his index finger]

Black Hat: But science is about learning from mistakes

Black Hat: And not being afraid to make new ones.

[Side view again]

Black Hat: Like inviting you here, but not warning you to put your phones in airplane mode.

Black Hat: Another mistake.

Black Hat: But that’s okay.

Off-Panel: Gallop gallop

Audience member: Is it really?!

Black Hat: I think it’s fine.

Deer: Pew! Pew!