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August 21, 2020

#2349: Rabbit Introduction

Rabbit Introduction

[Cueball is standing in front of a screen and pointing at it with a stick. On the screen is a rabbit shown next to a smartphone, some keys on a key-chain, and two coins. The phone is larger than the rabbit.]

Cueball: The US’s smallest rabbit species is the pygmy rabbit from the Great Basin area.

Cueball: We’re seeking a grant to introduce them into the east.

[Blondie, White Hat, Megan and Hairy sit behind a long table. Blondie leans both her arms on the table. Hairy has one arm on the table. The other two have their arms down. Cueball replies to Blondie’s question from off-panel.]

Blondie: Are they native here?

Cueball (off-panel): No.

Blondie: Will they control some invasive pest?

Cueball (off-panel): Dunno!

Blondie: Then…Why would you do this?

[In a frameless panel Cueball is seen in front of the screen, which is seen from the side. He points to something on the screen with the pointer, while looking over his shoulder.]

Cueball: I don’t understand.

Cueball: Did you see how small they are?

Cueball: They’re so round!

Cueball: Those tiny ears!

[Back to the four people behind the desk. Blondie and White Hat are in the same positions but Megan has both her hands up into her hair, and Hairy has one arm on the table, and the other is held up high with a finger pointing up.]

Blondie: I see. I’m afraid we’ll be denying your grant.

White Hat: Hang on. He is right about their ears…

Megan: The little feet!

Hairy: I vote we fund them!