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August 19, 2020

#2348: Boat Puzzle

Boat Puzzle

[Cueball and Ponytail are standing on the bank of a river. There is a boat in the river. A goat and wolf are also on the riverbank, and Ponytail is holding a cabbage.]

Ponytail: I need to cross the river. I have a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage.

Cueball: Hmm.

[White Hat appears, accompanied by two wolves and pulling a wagon full of cabbages.]

Cueball: OK, here’s what-

White Hat: Hi, I also need to cross. I have two wolves and 100 cabbages.

[Black Hat arrives, surrounded by a cloud of flying creatures and carrying a jar of bugs under his arm. Beret Guy follows with another wolf and goat on leashes.]

Black Hat: I have 50 cabbage moths and 2,000 boat-destroying termites.

Beret Guy: I have a wolf that can operate a boat, and a goat that eats wolves.

[The fourth panel is a zoomed-out shot, where everything but the sky appears black.]

[A trolley speeds in, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. A person is standing on the front, and many ears are barely visible above the seats.]

Cueball: Hang on, I need to make a spreadsheet.

Trolley operator: Look out!

Trolley operator: My wolf-filled trolley is out of control and can only be stopped by a cushion of cabbages!