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August 14, 2020

#2346: COVID Risk Comfort Zone

COVID Risk Comfort Zone

Ways to say no when someone tells you to do something outside your COVID risk comfort zone:

[A comic with three panels is shown.]

[The first panel is large. There are 2 Cueballs each wearing masks. Inside Cueball appears to be in a doorway that leads into a building. Outside Cueball is showing Inside Cueball a phone.]

Label: Too Indirect

Inside Cueball: You have to come inside.

Outside Cueball: Ok, but… I’ve been trying to follow the science, and they’re really emphasizing the transmission risk in enclosed spaces. I know you’re wearing a mask, and I feel so awkward making a scene over a tiny risk. But I’m trying to keep my overall risk acceptably low, which means having simple rules so I don’t overthink every minor decision. See, if you look at this spreadsheet-

[Second panel, smaller. Only the Cueball outside is shown now.]

Label: Direct

Outside Cueball: I’m so sorry, but I’m avoiding shared indoor spaces unless it’s an emergency.

[Third panel, even smaller. Only the Cueball outside is shown.]

Label: Too Direct

Outside Cueball: I’m not setting foot in your haunted plague box.