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July 17, 2020

#2334: Slide Trombone

Slide Trombone

[Megan walking along carrying a trombone.]

Offpanel voice #1: Hey, her old trombone.

Offpanel voice #2: Cool, I haven’t seen that thing since the 90s.

[Four quick shots of Megan moving the trombone’s slide back and forth. It makes sound, but not like an ordinary trombone.]

FX: Slide

FX: Hisss

FX: Slide

FX: Hisss

[Megan does something else with the trombone, and it shoots water at the offpanel observers.]

FX: Pshhhhh

Offpanel voice #1: AUGH!

Offpanel voice #2: So that’s where my Super Soaker went.