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July 13, 2020

#2332: Cursed Chair

Cursed Chair

[Beret Guy and Cueball are talking.]

Beret Guy: Remember how I bought my desk chair from that mysterious shop?

Cueball: I think so?

Beret Guy: Turns out the chair was cursed.

[Beret Guy and Cueball are still talking. Beret Guy has his palms out.]

Beret Guy: So I went back to return it, but the shop was gone! The door was boarded up!

Cueball: I think most of the shops are closed because of coronavirus.

[Beret Guy has his hands over his mouth in shock.]

Beret Guy: Oh no!

Beret Guy: The curse must have caused the pandemic!

Cueball (off-panel): What.

[Beret Guy starts running with a raised sword in a frameless panel. Cueball is next to him.]

Beret Guy: If I destroy the chair, we can stop the virus!

Cueball: What.

[Beret Guy is chasing a floating desk chair. Cueball is watching.]

Beret Guy: Die, plague-bringer!

Desk chair: Hee hee I can not die

Cueball: Maybe you should just shop at IKEA.