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July 10, 2020

#2331: Hamster Ball 2

Hamster Ball 2

[Cueball is inside a transparent human-sized sphere, evidently “rolling” forward. Ahead of him is White Hat, wearing a mask.]

Cueball: They laughed at me, all those years ago, when I got this human-sized hamster ball.

[Frameless panel with just Cueball rolling forward, with his hand in a fist.]

Cueball: But who’s laughing now?!?

[Cueball and White Hat have stopped. White Hat is pointing into the distance.]

White Hat: Sounds like the same people.

White Hat: See? There’s some of them over there.

[Cueball turns around to roll backwards while White Hat stands next to him still.]

Cueball: Yeah, neighborhood kids.

Cueball: At least they’ve stopped trying to roll me into soccer goals.

Cueball: No, here they come.

Cueball: Run!