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June 5, 2020

#2316: Hair Growth Rate

Hair Growth Rate

[White Hat and Ponytail are walking to the right.]

White Hat: The average head has about 100,000 hairs.

White Hat: And hair grows at about ½" per month.

White Hat: Plus or minus.

Ponytail: Okay…

[They continue to walk while White Hat lift a hand up palm up.]

White Hat: So our heads are producing an inch of hair every minute.

Ponytail: I see.

[They continue to walk.]

Ponytail: I’m just glad it’s evenly distributed. It would suck if we grew a single new five-foot-long hair every hour.

[White Hat and Ponytail are seen in silhouette from a distance. White Hat has lifted a finger up and while Ponytail has thrown both her arms out to the sides.]

White Hat: Hmm, would the hair grow steadily, or would it suddenly shoot out 5 feet on the hour?

Ponytail: If the latter, what noise would it make?

Ponytail: Ziiip? Pwiff?

White Hat: Fwip?

Ponytail: Blip.

White Hat: Zhooop.

Ponytail: Pew!