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May 22, 2020

#2310: Great Attractor

Great Attractor

[Cueball and Beret Guy stand next to each other, talking. Beret Guy leans towards Cueball by bending down one knee.]

Cueball: I can’t believe it’s still light out. It’s 8:00 PM!

Beret Guy: Seriously! This morning I fell off the wall.

[In a frame-less panel with the same setting Beret Guy is looking and pointing to the right.]

Cueball: Wait, why were you sleeping on the wall?

Beret Guy: The Great Attractor is near the horizon at night right now.

[Zoom in on Beret Guy, who hold one hand palm up towards Cueball who is speaking to him off-panel.]

Cueball (off-panel): The Great Attractor?

Beret Guy: Yeah! The space one.

Beret Guy: It pulls on me extra hard. Doctors said it’s something to do with galactic motion and how many dimensions my bones have.

[Cueball is still standing as Beret Guy slides away to the right, while looking and leaning back towards Cueball. He holds his arms slightly out, to keep his balance. Lines behind him and at his feet indicates his motion, even if he is clearly not walking. In his last word the letters becomes italic after Good and the last three Ts becomes smaller and smaller than the previous letters.]

Beret Guy: This time of year, it’s below us all day, so I stand vertically. But day-sliding season is near!

Beret Guy: Let me know if you have any errands to run to the south!

Beret Guy: Goodniiighttt