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May 20, 2020

#2309: X


[Cueball holds a laptop with code visible on the screen.]

Cueball: I’ve developed a new programming language!

Offpanel voice: Didn’t a judge order you to stop doing that?

[In a frameless panel, Cueball holds the laptop with one hand and types on the keyboard.]

Cueball: Higher court threw out the ruling!

Cueball: I’m back, suckers!

Offpanel voice: Dammit.

[Cueball holds the folded down laptop at his side.]

Cueball: But I promise it’s good this time!

Cueball: Just normal code. Good clean syntax. Nothing weird.

Offpanel voice: Okay…

[Cueball holds the laptop at his side, and raises a finger on his other hand.]

Cueball: Except the only variable name is “X”. To refer to different variables you have to write “X” in different fonts.

Offpanel voice: I’m calling the court.

Another offpanel voice: Maybe we can appeal.