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May 13, 2020

#2306: Common Cold

Common Cold

[Three large viruses hang in the air in front of Cueball. The one closest to Cueball looks a bit like the virus causing the corona pandemic, although it is made clear it is not this type of virus. The other two are put together in small circles. The one behind the corona-like virus has 7 small circles, four in a group, one above and two below. The other has three circles. They are not so closely knit together, and may instead represent three smaller viruses rather than one large. The corona type virus addresses Cueball with a starburst above it indicating it speaks the lines above.]

Corona-like virus: Hi there! We’re the viruses that cause the common cold.

Corona-like virus: This handwashing…

Corona-like virus: It stops when this is all over, right?

[Same setting in a slimmer panel.]

Corona-like virus: It’s just, it’s making things really hard for us, too.

Corona-like virus: Maybe we could make a deal?

[Same setting in a frame-less panel. The large virus also speaks as indicated with a starburst above it.]

Large virus: We won’t kill you!

Large virus: We just want to get back in your throat and make you feel gross now and then.

Corona-like virus: Show us some mercy?

[Zoom in on Cueball, beat panel.]

[In the close-up of Cueball, he lifts his hand up, which has been balled into a fist. He is emphatic in his reply.]

Cueball: No.