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April 6, 2020

#2290: Homemade Masks

Homemade Masks

[Cueball stands at a distance from Megan, who is wearing a face mask]

Cueball: Homemade mask, huh? You think they help?

Cueball: I’ve read so many conflicting things.

[Flashback to when Megan was not wearing a mask but carrying a large sign, with Cueball and Ponytail approaching her from both sides. It is not possible to read what is on the sign. Masked Megan is pictured in an inset panel.]

Megan (narrating): Well, what I was doing before was carrying around a big sign that said “There’s a pandemic so please give me space because I don’t want to get sick or make anyone else sick!”

[Same as first panel]

Megan: The problem was, I had to write small to fit, so people kept walking closer to read it.

Cueball: Oops.

Megan: Yeah, the mask gets it across better.