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April 30, 2020

#2300: Everyone's an Epidemiologist

Everyone's an Epidemiologist

[Megan and Cueball are walking with makeshift medical masks covering their lower faces. Megan has thrown her arms in the air, and a star burst at her forehead where her speech line emanates, indicate she is agitated.]

Megan: Ugh, everyone’s an epidemiologist.

Megan: It’s like when there’s a mountaineering disaster in the news, and suddenly everyone is an expert on mountain climbing safety.

[In a frame-less panel they walk on together.]

Cueball: I mean, it’s not exactly like that.

Cueball: If the entire world’s population were suddenly stranded on mountaintops together, a lot of people would understandably be trying to become mountaineering experts really fast.

Megan: Okay, that’s fair.

[Megan stops and lift both hands palm up while Cueball walks past her.]

Megan: But I do wish they wouldn’t keep going on TV and saying “According to my research on gravity, if everyone curls into a ball and rolls, we’ll get to the bottom quickly!”

Cueball: Yes, that’s definitely not helping.