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April 13, 2020

#2293: RIP John Conway

RIP John Conway

[A pixelated image of a stick figure using 21 pixels, could be a pixel Cueball, which waves with one hand up while holding the other hand down. The head consist of 7 pixels, the top row of three having two pixels beneath the two outer pixels, thus having two empty pixels beneath the central pixel. The neck and torso is a typical cross made from six pixels. The two legs are two pixels each shifted left and right of the cross. The arm to the left that waves is two pixels one down and the next back up to the level of the cross central beam. The arm to the right has the first pixel similarly but the second pixel continues one further step down. After less than one second it turns out that the image is animated, with the pixels changing according to the rules of Conway’s Game of Life. The figure splits into three groups, two of which dissipates in a similar way at the bottom of the panel. The other becomes a ‘glider’ and moves off to the top-right corner of the image and out of the frame. The animation then repeats.]