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March 9, 2020

#2278: Scientific Briefing

Scientific Briefing

[Megan and Cueball are showing a graph on a projected screen. The graph is labeled “Things”, with “Time” advancing to the right on the x-axis. The level of “Things” has been rising over time to a point labeled “Now”. The current level of “Things” is above a level labeled “Good”, and about as far below a level labeled “Bad”. Megan is pointing to the line of “Things” with a pointer stick, while Cueball is pointing up to the “Bad” level with a pointer stick.]

Megan: Here’s the situation:

Megan: This line is here.

Cueball: But it’s going up toward here.

[White Hat enters the scene. His hand is on his chin. Cueball is no longer holding a pointer stick.]

White Hat: So things will be bad?

Megan: Unless someone does something to stop it.

White Hat: Will anyone do that?

Megan: …We don’t know.

Megan: That’s why we’re showing you this.

[A narrow panel focusing only on Megan and Cueball.]

White Hat (off-panel, left): So you don’t know,

White Hat: And the graph says things are not bad.

Cueball: But if no one acts, they’ll become bad.

[White Hat is back inside the frame. He is gesturing to Megan and Cueball with his palm up.]

White Hat: Well, please let me know if that happens!

Megan: Based on this conversation, it already has.