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March 27, 2020

#2286: 6-Foot Zone

6-Foot Zone


Guide to the 6’ Social Distancing Zone

[Profile image of Megan with 6 foot distance measurements on both sides. Also indicated is the width of the full “6’ zone”, which consists of 6’ to her right, her width, and 6’ to her left. Her width is not explicitly indicated.]

[Overhead image of a person within a slightly elliptical outline at a distance of 6 feet in all directions. The “width” of the person pushes the ellipse longer in one dimension. The ellipse is again labeled “6’ zone”.]


Approx. area: 145 ft2

Border length: 43 ft

Population density: 190,000 people/mile2

Value at NYC real estate price/ft2: $195,000

Maximum number of horses that could fit inside it with you, estimated using the dimensions in the US Forest Service Equestrian Design Handbook: 8

[This last statistic is illustrated with a second overhead image, showing 8 horses, mosaicked together a little like an M.C. Escher [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.C._Escher] tesselation, filling the entire 6’ zone along with the person.]