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March 2, 2020

#2275: Coronavirus Name

Coronavirus Name

[Megan is carrying a box with biohazard symbols on it towards a desk where Ponytail (wearing safety glasses) is working on a laptop, across from Cueball (also wearing safety glasses) who is putting a test tube into a PCR machine. There’s also a flask on the desk.]

Ponytail: Feels like we missed the window for the “COVID-19” renaming. “Coronavirus” is just too catchy.

Cueball: But it’s not specific! There are a lot of coronaviruses.

[In a frameless panel, Ponytail (still wearing safety glasses) is pointing at a screen or picture showing a modern city skyline with a large spider crawling across three of the high-rise buildings.]

Ponytail: I think it’s fine. It’s like, you know the giant spider downtown that sits on the buildings and sometimes eats cars? I think technically it’s a mutant T. annexa wolf spider, but everyone is just calling it “the spider” and we all know what they mean.

[Back to the setting from the first panel. Megan is standing and Ponytail had turned towards her and Cueball has stepped back from the machine.]

Megan: I’ve been meaning to ask, what’s with that spider? Should we…do something?

Ponytail: Honestly I’ve been too busy with the virus stuff to look into it-I just changed my commute to avoid Main St.

Cueball: Yeah, that’s fair. One thing at a time.