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March 18, 2020

#2282: Coronavirus Worries

Coronavirus Worries

[A scatter-plot, with 8 labeled dots. Both axis are labeled with text beneath the X-axis and to the left of the Y-axis. Arrows are pointing to the right from the X- axis and up from the Y-xis. The dots are scattered from left to right and top to bottom, but there are some grouping of the labels with two to the left, four in the middle and two to the right. But the dots they belong to are more scattered than this. Here below all labels are given, first for the axis, and then for each dot in approximately normal reading order from the left column to the right column:]

Y-axis: More healthy

X-axis: More common

[Top left]: Whether you’re remembering to drink water and rest

[Very bottom, near left]: Whether forgetting to drink water or rest will make you get the coronavirus

[Very top, near right]: Whether you’re able to stay home

[Top leaning, right]: Whether your friends and family are able to stay home

[Middle, leaning right]: Whether your government is reacting wrong

[Very bottom center]: Whether random people in a news story are reacting wrong

[Toward bottom right]: Whether you’re getting enough work done

[Very bottom right]: Whether you have the virus because you just coughed and last week you touched a doorknob