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March 16, 2020

#2281: Coronavirus Research

Coronavirus Research

[A very disheveled Megan, hair in disorder, walks up to Cueball.]

Megan: Hi.

Cueball: Hello. You look…fine.

[In a frame-less panel Megan has stopped next to Cueball.]

Megan: I have now read virtually every available scientific paper on COVID-19.

Cueball: Cool, what’d you learn?

[Megan has raised her palms towards Cueball.]

Megan: Well it seems this virus wants to get inside your cells.

Cueball: Mhmm…

[Megan raises her left arm, with her index finger in the air in front of Cueball’s face.]

Megan: But it’s a trap! You shouldn’t let it.

Cueball: I think we knew that.

Megan: But now I know it with error bars!