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February 5, 2020

#2264: Satellite


[Science Girl is facing Cueball and Megan. A small satellite orbits her, indicated by a tilted circle around her at about neck height. The satellite is between her and her parents.]

Science Girl: Hey, look, I found a satellite! Can I keep it? Please?

Cueball: Sweetie, no.

Megan: Put it back where you found it.

[Zoom in on Science Girl who looks straight out of the panel, the satellite is passing by her ear with the circle going behind her. The satellite is detailed in this zoom in. There is a central main part of the satellite, almost square, with a small protrusion at the “top” and two small lines (antennae) at the “bottom.” Two solar panels extend on either side, each longer than the central part.]

Science Girl: But I think it was abandoned!

Science Girl: And it’s so cute!

Science Girl: Please?

Science Girl: Pleeeease?

[Back to all three again, Science Girl has her arms raised above her head. The satellite is beneath her head.]

Megan: Fine. But you have to promise to boost it to a graveyard orbit when it stops working. Don’t just leave it drifting around.

Science Girl: Yaaaay!

[Same setting as in the first panel, so Science Girl has lowered her arms.]

Cueball: We’re serious. I am not cleaning up after Kessler syndrome again.

Megan: We couldn’t use the dining room for weeks!

Science Girl: I promise, I promise.