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February 28, 2020

#2274: Stargazing 3

Stargazing 3

[In a dark panel, Megan as a TV host stands in front of a group of people: Science Girl, Ponytail and Cueball. The panel is inverse-colored, i.e. white text and drawings on black]

Host: Welcome back to Stargazing.

Host: There are no new stars since last time, but you came back for some reason.

[Zoomed out on the same scene, the host is now with Science Girl, Ponytail, Cueball, a Megan-like woman, and White Hat. The host is pointing upwards with her left hand.]

Host: That star is Vega. At magnitude 0.03, it’s the brightest star I’m currently talking about.

Host: That one is Polaris. It’s over the North Pole, which is all it has going for it.

[A frame-less white panel, zoomed in on the host, who is now pointing upwards with her right hand.]

Host: That’s a comet. Some of them come back every few decades, no matter how much I yell at them.

Host: But stargazing isn’t all fun yelling. We face a problem even worse than comets: light pollution.

[Back to a dark panel, the host now has a big bag of crossbows. The bag has a logo of a crossbow with stars around it. She has taken out one of them and is holding it in her right hand.]

Host: The sky is going away because people keep shining lights at it. The new LEDs are even worse - they’re too blue, and you can’t turn them off by throwing rocks at them like with the old ones.

Host: Luckily, I brought these astronomy crossbows.

Host: Take one, then let’s fan out and look for lamps.