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February 24, 2020

#2272: Ringtone Timeline

Ringtone Timeline

[A horizontal timeline spanning between the years 1875 and 2022. Every year is indicated by a tick below the line, and labeled every 5 years. There is a gap between 1883 and 1989 with jagged lines to indicate a jump in time. 7 sections are labeled on the chart, each with a border except for the first and last:]

[1875, with no border:]

Telephone ringer invented


Normal ringing sounds

[Gap and jagged lines to indicate jump in time from 1883 to 1989]


Normal ringing sounds


Cool space beeps


Song and novelty ringtones


Cool space beeps


Normal ringing sounds

[2020, with no border:]

Everyone sets their phones to vibrate

[Caption below the panel:]

After 140 years, humanity is finally on the verge of winning the war against ringtones.