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November 27, 2020

#2391: Life Before the Pandemic

Life Before the Pandemic

[Megan and Cueball are having a conversation.]

Megan: What do you miss most about life before the pandemic?

Cueball: I can barely remember it.

Megan: I miss going scuba diving without having to wear a mask.

Cueball: I miss free refills at gas stations.

Megan: I miss grilling in the library.

[Close-up on Megan, Cueball’s voice comes from off-panel, to the right.]

Megan: I miss when tennis players didn’t have to have that safety net between them.

Cueball: I miss indoor fireworks.

[The frame returns to seeing them both, they are now walking to the right while talking.]

Megan: I miss when arcades let you take toys from the bin with your hand instead of using that stupid claw.

Cueball: Ugh, I hate that thing.

Megan: I can’t wait for a vaccine.