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October 28, 2020

#2378: Fall Back

Fall Back

[Cueball is looking at his phone.]

Cueball: It’s 8 PM. Exactly six days until the polls close here.

[Megan walks in from Cueball’s left, holding up a finger. Cueball has lowered his phone.]

Megan: Six days and one hour.

Cueball: Oh right, fall back.

Cueball: Ugh.

[Megan holds out her arms.]

Megan: Personally, I think it’s great.

Megan: Don’t you want this moment to last as long as possible?

[Close up on Megan.]

Megan: My pandemic anxiety and election anxiety have finally fused.

Megan: I have ascended.

Megan: I get breaking news alerts in my dreams.

[Back to Cueball and Megan.]

Cueball: I don’t think the endless 24 hour news cycle has been good for either of us.

Megan: Well, then I have good news about Sunday!

Cueball: Ughhh.