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October 23, 2020

#2376: Curbside


[Beret Guy talking on a cell phone. The response from the person on the phone is in a jagged bubble.]

Beret Guy: Hi, is this the shop that sells cursed items but when you try to return them the shop is gone?

Phone: Yes, how can I help you?

[A frameless panel. Beret Guy still talking on the phone]

Beret Guy: Do you do curbside pickup? I wanted to buy a cursed amulet that angers ghosts, and some groceries.

Phone: No, but it’s okay, we wear masks.

[Zoomed in on other side of Beret Guy’s face]

Beret Guy: So you can’t bring stuff out?

Phone: I’m afraid not.

Beret Guy: But it’s so stuffy in there!

[The callee’s response is on the top of the panel. Beret Guy is now holding his phone in front of him, ready to end the call.]

Phone: Why not think of the virus as part of the amulet’s curse?

Beret Guy: Excuse me!? I’m trying to buy some bread and do battle with ghosts, not endanger my family and friends in a pandemic!

Beret Guy: I will take my business elsewhere.